For centuries, karate was an art form handed down from parent to child and from teacher to students. Our karate club has continued that tradition for over 15 years in Happy Valley. We train in Shorin-Ryu karate, an authentic Okinawan style handed down over generations. Chances are you're interested in karate for many reasons - physical fitness, self-improvement, self-defense, or as a way to unwind after work. Choosing a karate school (dojo) is a very important step. You need to be sure you find the place that is right for you. You want a dojo where the atmosphere is friendly and the training is serious. Where there's a sense of mutual respect. Where each student is able to progress at his or her own rate, depending on ability and level of commitment.

About Us

The Ueshiro Okinawan Family Karate Club is part of Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA, which was founded by Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro in 1962 and is now directed by Hanshi Robert Scaglione.

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Classes & Events

We train together five times a week and occasionally travel to other dojos. Learn about our classes, trips and other events.

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View photos of our members, practices and more.

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Check out our karate-based self-defense class for women and girls - Tuesdays 6-7pm at Dragonfly Therapeutic Massage and Day Spa

Join black-belt instructors Anne, Barb, and/or Tracie in a supportive environment in which you will learn and practice assertiveness skills, communication strategies, and physical techniques. Our instruction provides tools to enable participants to connect with their own strength and power, and builds on the belief that we each can act competently, decisively, and take action for our own protection.

A local article Mending the Gap by Cherie Winner in the Penn State News, May 18, 2018 noted:

"[Matt Kaplan] brings generations together in his personal time. A black belt in karate, he runs a family-oriented dojo in State College where most of the students come in intergenerational pairs: parent and child or grandparent and grandchild. He got the idea after seeing parents drop their kids off at youth soccer and then go off to play soccer or softball in an adult league. 'Parents are always saying they want more time with their kids,' he says. 'Why not learn a martial art together?' "

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Contact us to schedule a visit to one of our classes or events. Come try it out and decide if Shorin-Ryu karate is right for you!